French food in South Yarra

French food in South Yarra has never tasted better

At Da Noi Restaurant we know good food and great wine are best served with a large helping of atmosphere, which is why you won’t soon forget your evening eating out with us.

We specialise in making your night unforgettable, so come in and find out why Da Noi Restaurant is the first restaurant South Yarra calls when they want perfect French food. Our chef serves up only the best and freshest dishes and our staff makes sure it reaches you in style, because at Da Noi Restaurant we believe everyone deserves a night to remember.

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Excellent Food

Our restaurant menu is comprised of only the best, freshest ingredients and made with flair to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Call ahead to book so we can serve you up a selection of our finest French food and wine in an atmosphere will make you feel at home.

  • Reservations available
  • Great service
  • Relaxed atmosphere

Simple elegance is hard to cultivate but at South Yarra we have mastered the art of combining great service and a wide range impressive dishes. A passion for excellence is at the heart of everything we do at Da Noi Restaurant which is why you will not only taste, but experience, the difference.

Professional Staff

Excellent French food always tastes better when it is served by professional staff, which is why we only hire the best waiters in South Yarra. Dining out at Da Noi Restaurant will remind you just how fabulous French cuisine can be.

Our customers come to us to enjoy fine dining, celebrate their milestones, re-kindle friendships, romance their partners, and to experience just how delicious food cooked with passion and care can taste.

Our brilliant chef and our extensive wine list will certainly impress. Call us now to reserve a table and find out why eating out at Da Noi Restaurant has become an institution in South Yarra.